Friday, September 4, 2009

Review and ARC Giveaway!

All right Chicks!
I promised you 3 more reviews and here they are.
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Remember, they're gently read, just by me.

When hunky rancher "Lucky Beau" Luckadeau accuses spitfire Milli Torres of stealing his prize bull, she promptly shoots at him, triggering a feud that only gets resolved when they discover they share a steamy hot memory from a night long ago…
It was a night of passion that has always haunted Lucky. The mysterious beauty he seduced at a cousin's wedding disappeared. He's always been lucky at cards, luckywith cattle, and lucky with land, but he's never been lucky in love.
Now Milli Torres has come to southern Oklahoma to help out on her grandfather's ranch. A cut fence and a big, mean Angus bull in the pasture are bad enough, but then she looks up and sees Beau Luckadeau. Great God Almighty, how did he get from Louisiana to Ardmore, Oklahoma, and what in the hell is she going to do if he recognizes her?
What I thought: It's a familiar formula, but one that works. If you an early Debbie Macomber or Fern Michaels fan I think you'll like this one also. A fun light read with fun characters.This is the beginning of a series of what I think right now will be 3 books.

From Amazon: Amidst the upheaval of Cromwell's Britain, Jamie Sinclair's wit and military prowess have served him well. Leading a troop in Scotland, he impetuously marries a captured maiden, saving her from a grim fate.
A Highlands heiress to title and fortune, Catherine Drummond is not the woman Jamie believes her to be. When her people effect her rescue, and he cannot annul the marriage, Jamie goes to recapture his hellcat of a new wife...
In a world where family and creed cannot be trusted, where faith fuels intolerance and war, Catherine and Jamie test the bounds of loyalty, friendship, and trust

What I thought: If you're in the market for some decent historical romance, this is what you're looking for. Again, you know I love strong heroines, and Catherine is a great one.
From Amazon: When American librarian Samantha Lewis and Irish rogue Keirnan Fitzgerald set off to find priceless jewels, they become embroiled in a 500-year-old love story that eerily prefigures their own...
In 15th century Venice, beautiful and wealthy Serafina falls in love with Nino, a young Florentine sculptor. They decide to flee to Padua, and to fund the trip, Nino copies a set of jewels that then disappear.
In modern-day Venice, Keirnan needs Samantha's help to locate the jewels so he can pay his sister's ransom. Samantha must decide whether the man she's so drawn to is her soul mate from a previous life...or are they merely pawns in a relentless quest for a priceless treasure?

What I thought: This story is different, and I liked that about it. It seems to be telling two love stories at once, hopping back and forth between the past and the present which kept me turning pages and kept me interested.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's been a serious hiatus...I know

It's a little overwhelming sometimes,

when all the balls I try to juggle come crashing down on my head all at once.

I had to take a little hiatus...

everything is fine

Just trying to keep up with my neverending to do list..

you have one of those, right?


Here we go...

I've got 5 chick books to review over the next several days, I did not get giveaways on these but will GIVEAWAY all FIVE of my very gently read ARC's to one lucky winner .


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Tessa Anderson has always been as fascinated by wolves as they seem to be with her. Her brother seems to share this trait with her and they've turned it into their livelihood. Until her brother is framed for murder and ends up in prison.

Now Tessa is being stalked, by a danger she couldn't ever have imagined.

When Hunter Greymore is attacked by another pack while trying to protect his sister he is near death. Tessa finds him on the beach and nurses him back to health and he swears to protect her and help her brother.

But, there's much more to Tessa than what meets the eye, and in protecting her Hunter finds himself fighting an attraction to her he's not even sure he wants to fight anymore.

This was a nice esacape from reality. Steamy sex scenes and a really fun love story, with enough suspense and excitement to keep the pages turning.

When her fiance betrays her, Abby Stanford goes on vacation alone to escape her heartbreak trying to escape her past.

What she finds is Luke, scarred by a horrible accident and unable to face his future.

Abby can help him get better, and sets out to with Luke fighting her every step of the way.

This is a really sweet story, Abby is a strong heroine, not what I expected in the description. She's witty and spunky and holds her own against Luke and his constant antagonizing.


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