Monday, July 27, 2009

Short Girls...

FROM AMAZON: A mesmerizing novel about estranged sisters and the cultural and family history that binds themVan and Linny Luong are as baffling to each other as their parents’ Vietnamese legacy is to them both. Van, the quintessential overachiever, has applied the same studied diligence to her law career and marriage—a beau idéal that vaporized when Mr. Right walked out. Linny—pretty, fashionable, untethered—is grasping for purpose when her affair with a married man takes a humiliating turn. Each is the last person her sister would call, but when Mr. Luong summons them home for his American citizenship party, Van and Linny find themselves communing about their past—their late mother, their father’s obsession with his Luong Arm invention, even the irony of their romantic straits. As these unlikely confidantes chart the uncertainty that defines them, they forge a tentative new relationship and the wherewithal to overcome disappointment.

WHAT I THOUGHT: I love stories like this. People living on their own estranged from their families for whatever reason, who realize, when they're thrown together that they really needed each other all along. Linny and Van, completely opposite from each other, are both women you will grow to love and I think the theme of sisterhood and family ties reach far beyond the page. Their father Mr. Luong is a wonderful character as well. This story is both clever, witty and makes for a great read!

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I featured this on a WoW post a while ago. I loved the sound of it and the cover is cute =)

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This sounds like a good read!! Thanks for the review and the chance!

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I just got done reading Bich's memoir, so I 'd love to see her fiction work!

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I have to check this out! I'm Vietnamese too so it's nice to have something to relate to.

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This sounds like a good read!


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hee hee I come from a family of Short Girls (and guys). At 5'5", I'm quite tall in my family (even taller than a couple of the guys)!

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Jackie said...
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Sounds like a great read. I enjoy books that deal with relationships like this.

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