Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Is it Hot in here, or is it this book I'm reading....?

Passion Unleashed Larissa Ione

It's definitely the book...Serena Kelly is one of a select few, a charmed human. Keeper of a treasure so great no one except the angels even know what exactly it is or can be used for. Serena only knows that it's keeping her alive, having been been bitten by a Mara Demon when she was only six, losing the charm or her viginity also means losing her life. The charm protects her from anything or anyone that would mean her harm, but who is going to protect her from herself?
Wraith is a Seminus Demon, an incubus, out to populate the world with more demons, and kill whatever gets in his way...because that's what demons do. The one good thing in his life is "Underworld General" the hospital for supernatural beings he started with his brothers, building it using their combined life forces.
Until fate puts Serena in his path. When Wraith is poisoned by an asassain, the only cure is the charm protecting Serena and in order for Wraith to live, Serena will have to die.
I should maybe interject the cover suggests..(and where can I get one of him, btw) this book is hot...yowza! But, the story doesn't depend on the sex to keep it interesting, there's a great plot here as well and the writer does an excellent job balancing the two with a lot of action.
This is book #3 in the Demonica series, and as my ever growing TBR pile turns into Mt Everest, the other two are definitely on my list as they are the stories of Wraith's brothers, Shade and Eidolon who are already hitched in Passion Unleashed. I'm thinking there will probably be more.
The first two titles are:

If you enjoy paranormal romance I know you'll like this. Fans of Gena Showalter I'm positive you will really enjoy it.
I've got 5 copies to give away!!
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Christi said...

Wow! That book sounds like it could be really good! smiles...

Bumbles and Fairy-Tales said...

WoWzers! This book sounds really, REALLY good!
I could really do with something different to read after finishing 3 books that were related to the Holocaust...
;) already a follower!

Thanx!, margie

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Sounds hot, hot, hot! Just posted about it on Win A Book.

Chris said...

Sounds interesting! I'd like to give it a read!


Anonymous said...

Ooh this is awesome! I've already read Eidolon's book, and I loved it! So this is great for me to find you doing this. Count me in please!

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tarheelfan said...

Oh, I would love to read one of these books. I have been eyeballing them at the bookstore, but just wasn't sure, now you have my interest. I'm also already a follower. :)

Kelly said...

Hmmmm, those look gooood! ;)

drey said...

Me, please! Already a follower, and posted this on drey's library's giveaways link...

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Please include me in your giveaway.

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I have book one in the series - would be great to get this one as well.

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I'd love to win!


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I wouldn't mind adding a little steam to my TBR piles!

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Kat said...

Sign me up! Sounds amazing!

scottsgal said...

Ooooh I really like her books - I've read Pleasure Unbound and really liked it

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tina werner said...

love to win a copy! sounds hot!

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thanks for the chance to win!

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Mishel (P.S. I Love Books) said...

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Hi Amy!

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Sounds really good. Please include me

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I'd love it!

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I would like to be in the running for BTW. I am a new follower. I am also going to publish a link to this contest on my blog.

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yum that looks like a good one!!

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The Giveaway Diva said...

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Jess. said...

Following you now!
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Thanks and good luck to all :D

Unknown said...

I am throwing my name into the hat thanks for the giveaway. Have a great weekend.

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nfmgirl said...

I've never read a paranormal romance, but would like to give it a "whirl". Please count me in.

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Sara M said...

Count me in!

Sara M
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LesbianBride said...

Sounds awesome! I'd love to win a copy... a great, fun read by the sounds of things!

limecello said...

Half done - going to write the post now! (Haha, I hope I got this "follow" thing right... :X)

Anonymous said...

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jwx4 said...

Looks like a super read. Enter me, please.