Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Romance...with some murder on top and a side of espionage




If you like your romance to have some murder, suspense, and sometimes even a little espionage on the side I suggest you give Linda Howard a try.

(I've read pretty much everything she's ever written,unless there's a title out there I somehow missed due to unavailability)

My favorite by Linda Howard is probably Mr. Perfect.
Jaine Bright is another one of those heroines that I just couldn't get enough of. She's a smartass with quick wit and an honesty with herself that I so admire. (Ahem..do you see a trend with me loving smart ass heroines?...) The back drop of this book has a grisly murderer on the loose stalking Jaine and her friends after they get together one Friday night after work and as a joke put together a list of attributes that their "Mr. Perfect" would posess. But, Jaine's character is so strong and the heat between her and Sam (the hero) is so...well...hot... that it's sometimes hard to remember that.

This book was published in June 2001, the only thing that dates it is a conversation about midway through about 3 of the women not having cell phones. It's pretty widely available at local libraries, paperback swap, and amazon.

Some other books to check out by Linda Howard are:

There are lots more really good ones, these are just some of my favorites

I've got a gently used copy of Mr Perfect up for grabs!

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I've heard of her but I don't think I've read her books. I'll have to try one out!

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Is her books like the "agnes" one? Even if it's not, the review sounds like it would be one I would enjoy reading. I haven't read this author before. Another one I get to add to the reading list.

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Oooh, romance, murder, suspense and espionage! Sounds like my kinda book!

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Murder and romance are a wonderful pair. <3

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I love the term "random acts of reading"! I may have to adopt that....

I've heard about this title for some time and have had no luck tracking it down. Haven't read any others by the author. I was interested in this one because my special interest at my blog is about comedic writing and I heard this was really good.

I'm a follower, also. Have I mentioned how much I like your little spectacles-wearing poultry friend?

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