Saturday, July 20, 2013

Anything But Sweet

From Amazon: Welcome to Candis Terry’s Sweet, Texas, a sexy new contemporary series where the wild Wilder brothers find love in a town that, despite its name, is anything but sweet...
War and the deaths of loved ones have changed Ex-marine Reno Wilder’s attitude. Now this military man is ready to settle down into a calmer life. So when Sweet is chosen as a destination for a makeover TV show, he’s less than pleased about the potential disruption to his routine.
Headstrong show host and designer Charlotte Brooks arrives in Sweet ready to change everything, including Reno. Locked in a face-off neither saw coming, will they be able to find common ground and realize that a life together could be sexy…and also very sweet?

What I Thought:This fun book has all the elements I love about a contemporary. A small southern town, a fun sassy heroine, hot ex military men and a great cast of supporting characters. The dialogue is fun and snappy, and the sex is hot.

Charli works for an Extreme Makeover style reality show, where instead of making over a home, the team goes from town to town and makes over the businesses to help boost tourism and breathe some new life into them. Having been on the move her whole life with a father in the marines Charli longs to put down roots somewhere and have something and someone to call hers.

Reno's past couple years have been filled with tragedy and heartache. In the span of two years he's lost his fiance, his father and his brother to war. Since he returned from the Marine's and Afghanistan, he's been working the family's ranch and running his father's hardware store. The last thing he wants is change.

What I like about this story is that even though Reno is a hot strong hero, Charli is the aggressor in their relationship. Reno wants her, but he doesn't want the strings he knows is sure to come with her. The only thing that didn't really work for me was the climax of the story where they are supposed to have had a fight-only it didn't really read as a fight- but then suddenly they aren't talking to each other. Maybe I missed something.

The story sets us up for stories that will involve the rest of Reno's brothers, also all ex military and I will definitely be checking those out as well.

It's a really fun contemporary though, and if you are a fan of Rachel Gibson or Susan Mallery-you should definitely give this author a try!

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