Thursday, June 20, 2013

Before the Mission Begins

From Amazon: A novella prequel to the When the Mission Ends trilogy.

Before his mission began, he went home. 24 hours to say goodbye to his twin sister. 
Instead he found her. A girl that was nothing like the one he thought he knew.
They have 24 hours. 24 hours before he deploys on an extremely dangerous mission. 24 hours together in a freak West Texas snowstorm. 24 hours that will have to get them both through the awful next year.
When the resident good-girl decides to take on the visiting bad-boy, 24 hours is all it takes to change their lives forever.
This is the story of the 24 hours that no one knew ever occurred…until now.

The timeline of this novella is set before the When the Mission Ends trilogy occurs, but this book is actually meant to be read between Book #2, Operation: Endeavor, and Book #3, Operation: Endurance.

What I Thought: Here's what you need to know- Ever since the begining of this series (Operation:Endgame) I have been in love with Chris. I'm a sucker for the tortured hero, I collect them, cry over them, and secretly wish to be their heroine.

Each book in the When the Mission Ends series can stand on it's own- but it's really meant to be read in order and I recommend you do so you get to know all the characters the way the author intends. BTMB is a Novella- that takes place before the whole story starts, but should be read between Operation: Endeavor and Opertion: Endurance.

I don't want to give away spoilers- This story introduces you to Chris and Julie's relationship- who we know from the first two books had something a little more than friendship but we don't know when or how.

Chris comes home to surpise his twin sister before a deployment (he has only 24 hours before he leaves country) but finds her out of town and her temporary displaced roommate (Julie) instead. He has known Julie for years and his sisters friend, but had never thought of her as anything more than that until they spend 24 hours together and sparks start to fly.

It's amazing how well these characters are developed for how short the story is(it's easily read in a couple hours) and it definitely does the job of bating the reader to want more. 

My Rating: