Wednesday, June 19, 2013


From Amazon: Colton Robertson left his career in the Air Force…

… to come home and help his family heal. Unfortunately, his reception was not quite what he’d hoped for and he ended up as roommate to hippy dippy yoga instructor Penelope Pruitt.

Penelope has spent her life under the restrictive thumb of her parents and she doesn’t want to do the same with the straight-laced, serious Colton. But when it becomes apparent that Penelope’s life is in danger, Colton won’t settle for anyone else protecting Penelope besides him.

Opposites attract and that’s definitely the case with Colton and Penelope. On the surface, they don’t have anything in common, but as the sparks fly and the danger ramps up, their passion is inevitable.

What I Thought:  Colton has control issues- he has to- he's been taking care of his siblings since he was 10. Being a career military officer just reinforced them. But his world threatens to come crashing down around him when horrible events happen to both of his siblings within a year.

Enter Penelope- Colton has never really thought of her as more than his sister's flighty, slightly hippie friend. Which is why, when he decides to leave the Air Force and move back to be closer to his family he agrees to be her room mate. He doesn't ever consider attraction will be an issue between them.

But when Penelope begins to receive threats to her well being and those around her, Colton soon discovers there's much more to Penelope than meets the eye. He finds she awakens a protectiveness in him he didn't know he was capable of. 

There is so much going on in this book that you would think it would be impossible to keep up-but Christi does an amazing job of grabbing the reader from the beginning and she just doesn't let go. I never saw the ending coming. NEVER. SAW. IT. COMING. Prepare to laugh, be heated up, cry, and be on the edge of your seat before it's over.

This series gets better and better!!!

My Rating: 
 5 Chicks!!

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