Saturday, June 29, 2013


From Amazon: What if you knew when someone was going to die? For seventeen-year-old Ember, life is death. With a simple touch, she knows when someone will die. It’s her curse and the reason she secludes herself from the world. The only person who knows her secret is her best friend Raven. Then she meets Asher Morgan. He’s gorgeous, mysterious, and is the only person Ember can't sense death from. So when he pushes into her life, she doesn’t mind. But when unexplained deaths start to haunt her town, Ember starts questioning why she can’t sense Asher's death and what he may be hiding.

What I Thought: Apparently I have a thing for adolescent-ish angels. I really really loved this book. Very original storyline, steamy tension, and a hot Hero. I'm thinking I should just make it a policy to read whatever Jessica writes. Ember can see a person's death whenever they touch her, and so she's spent a lifetime avoiding human touch from anyone. Until she meets Asher who she can touch without sensing anything about him.

There's of course an angsty love triangle here with drool worthy boys-but it's a REALLY good one and the author does a great job of keeping you in the dark on which one of these guys is really the "good guy". Ember is a strong heroine, and you want to root for her.

The author has since edited this story to make a more "New Adult" version with more amped up sex scenes. I read the original Young Adult version first-but then went back and re-read the New Adult version so I could drool over these guys again. Does that make me a Cougar? Whatever-they're HOT!

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