Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Opertation Endgame

Hello out there! 
For anyone who actually ever still comes by this blog- 
I'm going to start my comeback with some books I've read over the last year 
that I'd like to draw particular attention to. 
I'll mix it up with recent releases as well.

 From Amazon:   It’s been six months. Six months since Jake Madsen let Chris Robertson die.
Six months since the passion between Jake and Cassie, Chris’ sister, stepped over the line.
But now Cassie’s being stalked and it’s time for Jake to swallow his guilt, grief, and lust so he can save her life, even if it’s a life without him. He owes it to his dead friend and he owes it to Cassie. He’s fallen in love with her, but she doesn’t have to know that for him to keep her safe.

What I thought: I love a good steamy romance with a Kick A$$ heroine and lots of suspense. Operation:Endgame has all of this in spades, plus more. It's a friends to lovers story that grabs you by the throat from the first page. It's so important to me when reading a romance that the heroine can hold her own and the author definitely does not disappoint on this score. Jake, our hero, is absolutely lickable and a strong Alpha who, of course, has a weakness named Cassie. The romance and heat between these too is the best kind, because it's been on simmer for years and when it hits boiling point, you're going to need to turn up the air conditioner, I'm just sayin'. The author does an excellent job of turning up the heat with both the suspense and the romance, which is perfect because so many times you have not enough of one or the other. This promises to be an excellent series..and if I can be honest I am crushing hard on Book 3's Hero (Operation:Endurance) Chris. Back off ladies, he's mine. Although I'm sure Book 2, Operation:Endeavor will be able to keep me warm until then!

My Rating: 
Five Chicks!!


Christi said...

Thank you, Amy!! smiles...

Unknown said...

Awesome review and awesome book! So glad you are reviewing and posting again, Amy!!