Friday, June 21, 2013

Operation Endurance

From Amazon: They had a single night of passion before he deployed on a risky mission.
18 hours on a mission gone very wrong was all it took to shatter all their hopes and dreams.

The hero: 
He survived 6 months of captivity and torture, kept alive by dreams of her.

The heroine: 
She thought he was dead and moved on only to have her world fall apart once again.

Two people who have been hurt more than any two people should ever have to suffer. Can they find redemption and healing with each other or will another threat shatter what’s left of them?

A tortured hero.
A grieving heroine.
A serial rapist who won’t give up.

What I Thought: It took me a little while to get myself to write this review, mostly because once I do that means it's over-and I'm just too attached to these characters to let them go.

Ever since I read the first book-Operation Endgame, I have been waiting for Chris and Julie's story. At times begging the author to hurry up, and getting particularly possessive when others swooned over the sneak peeks of who I think of as "My Chris".
That being said, Endurance is the perfect ending to this trilogy of very hot military alpha's who fall in love with 3 friends while battling terrorists, rapists, and serial killers- but not all at once. Romantic suspense is the best ;)!! The books stand alone on their own, but are best read in succession and they get better with each installment.
In this book, we get the back stories of our very damaged hero and heroine. Julie is not your typical heroine,she is flawed but so strong and keeps so much to herself. Chris is still healing both physically and mentally from being held prisoner. 
As a reader of the 2 books (and novella) before this, you wonder how these two are ever going to overcome their obstacles and get it together but they do- and it all unfolds perfectly.
Did I forget to mention the sex?? H.O.T.- read it for yourself. You DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS SERIES!!!

My Rating: 
5 Chicks!

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